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If you are like me, you can probably recall, with mixed feelings, the many funeral and memorial services that you’ve attended over the years.  We tend to remember the best and the worst of what we experience.  I can remember sitting through many funerals and feeling that they were simply meaningless rituals where the religious order of service was pre prescribed, the name of the deceased was mispronounced, and the family members were mere spectators.  I sat through those many services saying to myself “They could have done a much better job by allowing and creating a more meaningful farewell to honor their loved one.  They deserve better.”

The most positive Memorial Celebration I can remember was when we had input into every aspect of my mother’s service.  We became involved in choosing the following: celebrant, readings, music, poems, eulogy, scripture, remembrances, and bulletin. Because we were the ones who knew Mother best, I felt we could still respect her traditional views and also incorporate unique and personal elements into the service to make it meaningful.  After the service, we left feeling that either we were on a high, or we just experienced one whole lot of grace.  A few weeks later, my cousin said to me “I want you to know how much I enjoyed your mother’s funeral.”

Let me assist in creating a funeral service or memorial celebration that truly honors and reflects the life of one who was loved deeply.  Because there are no do overs, let us remember them well.

Lois Trimbur