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What is involved in Planning the Service?

While the Celebrant officiates the funeral, planning of the service/celebration is usually a collaborative act of art and love that reflects the life of the loved one. Careful coordination between the Celebrant and the family of the deceased is imperative so that the Celebrant fully understands the beliefs of the deceased, and the wishes of the family.

A designated person will be contacted by Lois to arrange for a Pre-Service meeting.

The Order of Service may or may not include the following elements:

  • Opening remarks: Welcome, thank you, introductions, recognition’s
  • Prayers: Traditional, nontraditional, informal, formal, or none
  • Music: Pre-recorded, instrumental, organ, choral hymns, religious, pop, non-religious songs, favorite secular pieces, boom box or karaoke choices
  • Readings: Psalms, scripture, poems, favorite literature readings, non-biblical readings, single bible verses, quotes, letters, diary excerpts, etc.
  • Remembrances: Personal stories, formal eulogy with or without message, open floor, pre chosen speakers, etc.
  • Artifacts: Artwork, photographs, memorabilia, candles, butterflies, take away remembrance pieces, collectibles, literature, displays, flowers, plantings, keepsake objects, balloons, etc.
  • Closing remarks: Send-off, farewell, blessing, thanksgiving